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Posted by on Sep 19, 2011 in Christian Living | 2 comments

NINETEEN DAYS! Yep, that’s how long it’s been since I last blogged. I would apologize, but I’m really not sorry! You see as the month of August progressed, I became more and more focused on my blog. Whether I was sitting in church, chatting with a friend, interacting with my family, cooking, cleaning, or playing with my girls, I was CONSTANTLY thinking about how to take what I was doing/learning/hearing/reading into a fantastic blog post. I felt pressure to post everyday. I craved for my ratings to grow and to increase my “likes” on Facebook. These desires consumed me!

One day I was scanning other’s blogs to find ideas and leave comments for people to find my blog when I came across this post titled “Has Your Blog Become an Idol?” My first time visiting this particular blog, and it stopped me COLD. (If you only have a few minutes, forget my post, and click here to read this one!)

The first few paragraphs are a list of questions. And I answered “Yes” to nearly every single one. Yes, I do rush through my times with Jesus to get to the computer. Sometimes I even spend an hour on there before even picking up my Bible! Yes, I do often tell my children to ‘go play’ so I can check my comments. Yes, I do look forward to the girls’ nap time, just so I can play online. Yes, my housework often suffers because I’m trying to write the most perfect post ever!

I stopped at that moment and confessed my sin to the Lord! I had broken the second commandment, “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.” No, I didn’t build a gold statue and bow to it, but I was putting something (my blog) before God and the priorities He had given me! No, having and writing a blog is not a sin, but when I allow my thoughts, desires, and time to be obsessed with blogging, it DOES become a sin.

We may not even leave our house (as in, refrain from stepping outside the door), but modern inventions have made it possible for a women to stay at home and still not be a keeper at home. We can sit at home in body and be elsewhere in spirit, especially via the Internet. “Keeping the home,” means more than just staying at home; it means having a heart that is fixated there too.

How I long to be captivated more by Jesus than how many people look at this post. How I desire to be a Keeper in my home, and not just a woman who lives here.

What about you? Maybe you don’t have a blog, but are you distracted from God and His priorities in your life by something else? Facebook? Online games? Exercising? Eating? Television? Confess it to Jesus, then run to Him! Maybe you need to take a break from your idol for a while and replace that time with something more important (although, if it’s eating, don’t break for too long!!).

I decided to wait to blog until I felt my priorities were better. Yes, I will continue to post – but it won’t be every day. And if my little girls want to play with blocks or read a book, well, readers, you’re just going to have to be patient. My priorities are calling.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your heart on this. I do not blog but often listen to videos and read about health and nutrition when I should be keeping my home better. I think I needed to read this today.

  2. I love you Monica and love this post. I know we have talked about this before, so I don’t want to reiterate it here. Suffice to say that a break is great (even stopping is great!) when needed. Blogging isn’t our calling, our families are. Praise God that he is patient with us!

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