Permission to Take a Break

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Thirty six weeks. A seemingly long thirty six weeks ago it was boiling hot July. Our family was preparing for high school summer camp to be followed by Matt leaving for three weeks overseas and then another two weeks on the east coast. I was finally fitting into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes. Abigail was just learning to sit up on her own. And God was working another miracle. (Click here to read the story!)

Four weeks. Just four short weeks from yesterday is April 6, Aubrey Michelle’s due date. I can’t believe how fast the time is flying. I also can’t believe that I will be the mother of two precious little girls.

The days are running long… chasing after a quick crawler, doing my best to bend over, resting when possible, and learning, again, to sleep on my side. I’m constantly trusting in God for energy, trying to keep my emotions in check, and continuing to say “no” when needed.

For these reasons, I must say “see you soon” to my blog. This is not goodbye – just see you around May. The little energy I have needs to be focused on my family. My head still swarms with blog ideas, and I’m excited to start posting them for you after Aubrey arrives and we’ve started to adjust to our new family.

Please be in prayer for us! Hopefully, I’ll be able to post a few pictures after she arrives!!

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DECEMBER is here! But first, a Recap

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The tree is up and decorated, the Christmas music is playing, and the presents are purchased which can only mean one thing: December has arrived! I am so excited about this month of celebrated family, friends, and most importantly, God’s greatest gift to us – His Son!

Before we tread into the wonders of the holiday season, I’d thought I’d look back at November and give you an update on Abigail.  As of yesterday, this little munchkin is now 11 months old! I can’t believe how big she is.

Her newest trick is clapping. She claps when Matt gets home from work, when she eats her food, every time I enter the room, and any time she feels happy.

Among her newest list of favorite foods: black beans, lentils, cranberry sauce (homemade with agave nectar), and oatmeal. She only nurses once a day now. This has been both good and sad for mom. Because of Aubrey, the milk supply started to drastically diminish. I am grateful we were able to nurse for this long though!!

Finally, at ten and a half months, Abby developed an army-like crawl. She’s now all over the place and putting everything in her mouth. This has lead to the new time in life to learn boundaries.  We’re discovering that Abigail is a little stubborn to learn… but we haven’t quite figured out who she’s taking after with that attribute.

Abigail LOVES her daddy and becomes exuberant when he is around. It’s so sweet to watch them play together.

Well, that’s an update on Abigail’s life for the fall. Stay tuned for Holiday Happiness here on agodlyheritage.

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Friday’s Potpourri Post

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New Baby

As you may remember from this post in September, we announced the upcoming birth of our second child. Yesterday we went to the doctor and found out that we’re having another little girl! Aubrey Michelle looked healthy as could be and is already weighing in at 8 oz. It’s such a miracle to see this little one kicking and flipping on the screen as the nurse points out each body part. Abigail wasn’t quite sure what to make of the pictures, but we know she’ll be excited to meet her little sister in April!

We celebrated the announcement by buying Aubrey a cute outfit of pink corduroy overalls to wear after she arrives.  Matt and I are thrilled to see how God uses this little life for His glory.

Recipe Blog

Wanting some fresh recipe ideas? My good friend, Renee, has started posting some delicious recipes on her recipe blog.  Eat at JoMama’s is a  MUST check out. Renee prepares excellent, healthy food naturally and quickly.  Click here to enhance your menu!!

Christmas Countdown

I know I’ve been focusing on November and Thanksgiving this week (and will continue to do so). But, Christmas is also fast approaching. Before this wonderful holiday sneaks up on you, check out Simple Mom’s 12 weeks to a Peaceful Christmas. There are only about seven weeks until the big day. Make sure you’re prepared so that you can enjoy this time of family and friends and be able to focus on the birth of our Lord! These blog posts are already helping me have the right focus for the entire holiday season.

Have a great weekend, everyone! See you Monday.

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Summer Adventure ~ REgeneration!!!

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The Hunter family is off to beautiful Glorietta, New Mexico, in less than two hours. We’re excited to watch God work in our hearts, thrilled to spend intimate time with students, and yearning for some time to renew our relationship with God and His body.  Pray for us this week as we drive 16 hours each way on a charter bus, take little Abigail who is teething, play intense games, hear convicting messages, and disciple student’s hearts. Here’s a video describing what camp is about this year:

I’ll be off the blogging world for the next week. But, stay tuned for many new posts in August including:

  • Highlights from REgeneration Camp
  • Completion of the series Passing on a Godly Heritage
  • Beginning infants on solid food
  • Small steps to living naturally
  • New recipes
  • Four separate book reviews

Enjoy your last week of July!

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Hunter Happenings ~ July 2010

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It’s been a while since I gave a personal post about what’s going on in our lives. 2010 is flying by faster than any other year I remember! Abigail is growing everyday and never ceases to bring joy into our lives. She’s quite the cutie and is learning new skills constantly. It’s often hard for me to remember that this little bundle of smiles has a sinner’s heart and is in desperate need of a Savior. Lately I’ve been burdened to pray even harder for her to one day recognize her need for a Savior!

In case you missed this post, we have decided to wait a while to look for a home. God is continually teaching me contentment and patience. I am grateful that our family is right where we need to be for now!

Here are some pictures of what’s been happening in the Hunter family over the past month or so…

Matt surprised me with an anniversary trip to downtown Houston last month. We had a relaxing family trip and took Abigail swimming for the first time. She actually fell asleep in her floaty!

We took a fun trip with the Elliott side to the lake house near Tyler. We had a great time playing in the water and visiting family!

Our big girl is now a half! That’s right, she’s six months old weighing seventeen pounds and twenty six inches long!

Abigail has started tasting real food too. So far she has tried yellow squash, banana, and avocado. Come back Monday to hear some specifics about the way we’ve decided to make this transition.

The first tooth has arrived! Well, at least we can feel it and barely see it poking through (I tried to get a picture… but was not successful!) Abs has been a little cranky, but she’ll make it just fine.

We went to a beautiful wedding last weekend. Daddy and Abby had their very first father/daughter dance.

Be in prayer for our family over the next month. We are traveling to New Mexico for a week of summer camp with our church (we are soooooo excited!!!!). Pray that Abigail will be a trooper on the bus ride there and back and that God will teach us through His Word while we are there. Pray that we’ll be servants to the youth we love so much. The day after we arrive home, Matt is leaving for a 19 day business trip to Yemen. He’ll be overseas and out of touch the whole time. Pray for his safety, health, and that he can be a light for Christ as well as Abs and my time without him being home. Three days after he’s home from that trip, he has another business trip to Baltimore. This time though, Abigail and I get to go!! We are excited to have this family trip together. Pray for these details to work out. If any of you have ideas of places to visit in the Baltimore area, let me know!!

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Happy Three Years to My Best Friend

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Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few thousand of my favorite wedding memories:

I'm just a little excited about my wedding day.

Favorite moment

Matt's face when he first saw me!

True Love

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