The Little Family that Could

The Little Family that Could ~ Loving in Sickness & in Health

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You may have noticed that I slacked off posting here last week. Our family is going through some changes…

Once upon a time there lived a gallant young man and his graceful wife. They had a happy little life together in their little home. God blessed them with two precious girls. Life chugged along quite nicely.

During the entirety of this cute little family’s existence, however, a looming pest continued to rear its head. The handsome husband would have periods of time where he just, well, felt plain yucky. His tummy would hurt. He’d have nasty headaches. Tiredness would overwhelm him. This charming little couple didn’t know what was wrong!

Through all of the pain, the gracious husband remained a sturdy spouse and diligent daddy. Finally, when he could wonder no more, this brave husband visited the doctor for some answers.

A few long weeks later, after a smattering of tests, this courageous young man sat in the doctor’s office as he received the news that he had Crohn’s disease, and was both bleeding internally and anemic.

Fear at the unknown. Relief at having answers. Worry for the future. Trust in the One who heals. Uncertainty of it all.

Yes, the emotions and questions did roller coasters through the minds of the handsome husband and his pretty wife!  They learned that, although this disease is chronic and incurable, it can be managed. Now this studious husband and his curious wife have started searching for answers, searching for help, searching for the best possible ways to treat this sickness.

Scared? Yes. Yes, they’re scared.

But this faithful husband and his loving wife remain confident. They know that God is not frantically scratching His head wondering how this handsome husband became ill. No, He knew this day would arrive. He has plans for this little family to bring Him glory through this life-long trial.

Will the road hold rough patches? Most certainly.

But God will give strength.

When this striking husband and his beautiful bride stood at the alter before God on their wedding day, they vowed to stick together in sickness and in health. And that’s just what this little family will do – because God will give patience, wisdom, and the power to be the little family that could weather the storm by His grace alone.

Please be in prayer for our family as we begin this journey! I’ll be posting updates along the way.







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The Little Family that Could ~ Accepting Another Blessing from the Lord

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Once upon a time a youthful college girl and a budding college boy met at a coffee shop. One morning they were studying a few tables apart, and they began talking about their hopes and dreams for the future. The subject of families arose, and the blissful girl asked the handsome boy how many children he wanted some day.

“Oh, I’d like a big family,” the smiling lad replied, “like, three kids.”

The young lady stifled a smile and stated, “I’d like a big family too. Probably like six or eight children.”

The boys eyes grew large, and the girl giggled.

Two years later the Hunter family began with Matt and Monica pledging their lives and love to each other before God, family, and friends.

Two and a half years later little Abigail Marie arrived bringing even more joy into their home.

This hardworking husband and his grateful wife delighted in parenting. Each day brought surprises and fun! This thankful couple spend many hours praying with overwhelmed hearts at the blessings that God has provided. They speak often about filling their home with even more love and laughter.

By this time, both the handsome husband and his partner for life wanted to have at least a dozen children…..

Late one summer the diligent husband left on a business trip overseas. While he worked hard in another country, his lovely wife and little girl visited friends and family. One of the lady’s best friends teased her about being pregnant.

“When you go home, just take a test. I know I’m right, you are pregnant!” the best buddy assuredly told the baffled friend.

“Could it be true? I have a seventh month old… could there possibly be another baby on the way?” thought the dazed young lady.

When this curious woman arrived home that day, she did indeed take a pregnancy test. Within seconds, a positive reading appeared. This shocked, numb, and excited lady swirled around the room and grabbed her little girl. “You’re going to be a big sister! But, it’s our secret for now!”

For two weeks this nauseous mommy and her young daughter carried the secret together. When the tired husband arrived home from his long trip, his precious first born handed him his second arrow. Surprise and delight overwhelmed this exhausted man, and the little family decided to keep their new found news to themselves for a bit.

Several weeks and a doctor visit later, this happy little family wants to shout from the housetops about the priceless little life growing inside of the tired mommy. Some people may think that this little family is crazy; some may assume they are nuts. Will challenges arise? Will money be tight? Will the road contain some bumps?


But, this ‘little family that could’ will cling to the One who gives all good gifts, and come April 6, 2011, they will be even more grateful that they chose to accept another blessing from the Lord.

3 Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,
the fruit of the womb a reward.
4 Like arrows in the hand of a warrior
are the children of one’s youth.
5 Blessed is the man
who fills his quiver with them!
He shall not be put to shame
when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.

Psalm 127:3-5

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The Little Family that Could ~ Living Natural on a Budget

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Once upon a time there was a big strong man, a pretty lady, and a precious little girl. They loved life and enjoyed spending time together. This capable lady gained great satisfaction from cooking delicious food for her family. And the wonderful husband graciously ate all that she cooked. This wise husband and wife knew they needed to eat as healthy as possible for their family to thrive and become all that God wanted them to be.

Their food pasts were quite different. This crazy husband loved eating sugary cereal, twinkies, pizza rolls, and anything else that cooked in one and a half minutes in the microwave. In fact, when this husband was a boisterous teenager in high school, he would eat Funyuns dipped in ranch everyday for lunch! When this unhealthy young man met his future wife, she thought his eating habits were quite silly!

The wife, although certainly not as healthy as she could be, loved vegetables and fruit. She would eat a meal of just fresh veggies for fun. She also loved beans and rice and cooking most things from scratch. However, this snacking sister also loved all things sweet – ice cream, cookies, lemon bars, sugar soaked coffee, and brownies.

When this cute couple became a family, their food pasts blended themselves together into a cacophony of eating habits. While their fridge would be filled with fruit, veggies, and healthy choices, desserts would be made frequently to sit on the plate beside chicken nuggets and egg rolls. While this sweet little family did not eat nearly as horribly as they could, there was definitely room for improvement.

This inquisitive lady started looking for answers to her healthy eating questions. And, boy! Did she find those answers!! Thankfully, the encouraging husband stood beside her the whole way. This charming little family began a journey that would change everything about their life. What an adventure it became! Money was tight which meant options were limited, but creativity continued to conquer! This little family that could is learning to live naturally on a budget. Their goal is to live life to the fullest as they seek to please God with what He has given.

Stay tuned to watch and learn first hand how this little family that could is learning to live natural on a budget!

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The Little Family that Could ~ living like no one else now, in order to live like no one else later.

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Once upon a time there was a big strong man and a pretty little lady. They met over a warm cup of coffee and immediately fell in deep love. Music played, sunshine warmed, flowers blossomed, and birds sang. One warm summer day a few years later, this handsome man and his lovely bride made vows before God that they would live together in harmony forever. Violins played, people laughed and clapped, daisies flew, and happiness prevailed. The cheerful couple then moved into their first home.

What a darling dwelling it was! Just under 600 sq. feet, this adorable abode presented the perfect place to begin their little family. The handsome husband worked hard to finish school and find a job to use his incredible smarts. The winsome wife taught the next generation of Americans how to love God, delight in literature, and created beautiful essays. Whenever the husband and wife could be together, they loved to just gaze into each other’s eyes and dream about their future.

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