DECEMBER is here! But first, a Recap

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The tree is up and decorated, the Christmas music is playing, and the presents are purchased which can only mean one thing: December has arrived! I am so excited about this month of celebrated family, friends, and most importantly, God’s greatest gift to us – His Son!

Before we tread into the wonders of the holiday season, I’d thought I’d look back at November and give you an update on Abigail.  As of yesterday, this little munchkin is now 11 months old! I can’t believe how big she is.

Her newest trick is clapping. She claps when Matt gets home from work, when she eats her food, every time I enter the room, and any time she feels happy.

Among her newest list of favorite foods: black beans, lentils, cranberry sauce (homemade with agave nectar), and oatmeal. She only nurses once a day now. This has been both good and sad for mom. Because of Aubrey, the milk supply started to drastically diminish. I am grateful we were able to nurse for this long though!!

Finally, at ten and a half months, Abby developed an army-like crawl. She’s now all over the place and putting everything in her mouth. This has lead to the new time in life to learn boundaries.  We’re discovering that Abigail is a little stubborn to learn… but we haven’t quite figured out who she’s taking after with that attribute.

Abigail LOVES her daddy and becomes exuberant when he is around. It’s so sweet to watch them play together.

Well, that’s an update on Abigail’s life for the fall. Stay tuned for Holiday Happiness here on agodlyheritage.

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  1. Our little Elizabeth is a stubborn one, too! Not sure how we are going to tackle this, but she definetly doesn’t like the word no!

  2. She is so stinking cute! Shelby has already found her stubborn side at 6 and a half months old! We all know who she takes after! :) ME! She has figured out how to crawl and is all over the place! Can’t wait till we get together and they can play together! Hope to see ya’ll soon! Love ya!

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