Devotions 101 ~ Lisa’s Story

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If you follow this blog, you know we’ve been talking about passing a godly heritage to our kids (click here to view these posts). Last week I shared how the Hunter family does devotions. Today, I’d like to share one family’s method of carrying out family devotions. I met my sweet friend, Lisa, around nearly five years ago. She and her husband moved from California to Texas to join the staff at our church. In the past four years God has blessed their family with three precious children.

Lisa and I have worked together at numerous youth events and have shared many laughs and prayers together in the process. She is a sweet woman whose love and desire for the Lord shines through into her everyday life. She’s an example to me of being joyful in all of the little things in life. Lisa’s love for her husband and children is huge! Thanks, Lisa, for being a great mommy and helping me out with this little project!

How often does your family have devotions together?

We would love to do devotions every night with the family, but with us in ministry we find ourselves not home every night. We have family devotions about 4-5 nights a week.

How long do you spend per devotion?
We have three children ages 4,2, and 1, so devotion time does not last longer than 10-15 minutes.
What type of resources do you use?
Big Thoughts for Little People, by Kenneth Taylor.
Leading Little Ones to God, by Marian M. Schoolland
Big Truths for Little Kids, Susan Hunt & Richie Hunt
The Jesus Storybook Bible, Sally Lloyd-Jones
and many more books…
The Seeds Cds that are strictly Scripture
Describe a typical family devo time together.
We all sit together on the couch and sometimes we let Micaiah play on the floor (our one year old).  After devotions we pray and then I play the piano and we sing about 3 praise songs. Anna’s favorite is Amazing Grace. :)
How do you make application to your kids?
We ask them questions about the story and show them what God did and how He wants us to live as a result.

Has your family changed the way you have done devotions as your kids have become older? When the kids start going to school we will also have morning devotions at the breakfast table with daddy.

Any other words of wisdom to encourage other families?
We love special time with the kids at bedtime to talk about the day and praise God together as we pray before bed with them. They love to talk late at night when they are relaxed in bed. This is a sweet time I would not give up for anything.  These are the years to plant the seeds..and wait in anticipation for the salvation of their souls when, God-willing, Christ will call them to Himself for His glory!

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