Fabulous Finds (7/29)

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Here are a few of the great reads I’ve found over the past week.

Hope you find something useful here!

Donna Young’s Homeschool Printables & Resources

 Looking for art, handwriting, English, history, math, or science printables for homeschooling? Need some planning ideas with printable schedules before you start the new school year? Check out this website. There’s a lot of information and helpful tools. I’m bookmarking this to use in a few years with my girls.


Beware Romantic Pornography

This is an excellent article showing how women can easily become ensnared to the sin of pornography through romantic movies. What a timely article that I would encourage any woman, married or single, to read.  ”Just as sexual pornography twists an understanding for men about real women’s bodies and sexual appetites, so romantic pornography twists the perception for women about real men and how they “ought” to behave toward women, which tends to amount to, well, behaving like a woman.” Click here for the full article.


All Natural Fruit Snacks?

Think those fruit snacks you’re feeding your kids are good for them? Read this article to see what is really inside those fruit shaped treats.


When Holiness Seems Too Far Away

What marvelous grace there is for us in every moment of desparation! We need only reach out to Christ for the power to overcome even the most tempting of sins and he will provide the way of escape. Praise God for such a salvation! Praise God for such a Savior!  Tired of reaching inward to find strength for your journey? Read this excellent and encouraging reminder of our need to depend on the Savior written by my sweet friend Jessalyn.



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