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During college, I worked each summer at the fabulous worldview camp called Summit Ministries. That is where I met Julianne (and where this five year old picture was taken). We were roommates my last year working at Summit. Besides laughing and making jokes into all hours of the night, we kept an exceptionally clean room earning us big bucks at the bookstore.

Julianne has one of the biggest servant’s hearts I know. She will go and go, serving and caring, until she (literally) passes out. When Julianne and I were roomies, she was working on her RN degree. She now serves as the nurse at Summit. 

Another passion and true gift Julianne has is photography. She has spent months traveling through Europe and, most recently, Thailand, taking pictures of what she encounters. One of my favorite things about Julianne’s photography is the beauty she captures of God’s creation. Whether it’s a small boy in a Thailand village, a crystal clear beach. or a gorgeous cathedral in Europe, Julianne takes these photos with unique precision.

Julianne’s passion is seen through this description of her photography from her blog:

When I look for a photograph, I look for depth, perspective, and connection. I may find these represented in a breathtaking landscape of soft light rolling over the mountains, quiet water rushing over rocks, or a gorgeous sunset with vivd colors. I have never gazed at these scenes wishing the mountains were higher, the water clearer, or the sunset more bold, because they reflect the beautiful perfection of God.

My favorite thing about Julianne’s blog is that each month she posts a picture with calendar to be used as a desktop. I have posted a few of my favorites here. Make sure to head on over to her blog today to download July’s amazing calendar! Like her page on Facebook and subscribe to her blog in order to not miss an upcoming month.

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