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Did you know that the phrase “give thanks” appears in the Bible 85 times? Depending on the translation, of course, you could spend days reading, meditating, memorizing, and using these Scriptures in your daily life.

Here’s a challenge: Over the next ten (yes, TEN!) days until Thanksgiving, try to look up at least eight verses per day to encourage your heart with thanks and point it towards the One to whom we are to be giving thanks!

1. If you don’t have a complete concordance in book form, try one of many websites that have concordance search engines. I like Bible Gateway. Write the phrase “give thanks” in the first field, and then you can choose which version you’d like to use. The NIV is their default, but I normally use NASB.

2. Once you find a verse, look up the passage. Read the context in which the writer is giving thanks.

3. Ask yourself questions of the passage: What are his circumstances? What other attitudes does he possess? What is he thankful for? How is he expressing this thankfulness?

4. Jot your favorite verse for the day onto a note card that can be placed on your mirror, above your sink, on your desk, or some other place you can reference often throughout the day.

5. Memorize this verse and meditate on it as your go about your daily tasks. Share it with your spouse, children, on Facebook, or with a friend. Pray it back to the Lord.

By Thanksgiving Day you should have a stack of verses that will have changed your heart and can be a blessing to others!

My verse for today:

“At midnight I shall rise to give thanks to You, because of your righteous ordinances.”

Psalm 119:62

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  1. Very nice pictures. Nice thoughts. Thank you for caring.

    • Thank you, Wayne! Hope you were encouraged.

  2. Hi,Myself maneesh and had been alone for most of my life.That doesn’t mean i am a brstaad, i had a family but they have a different lifestyle i mean my dad is engaged with some , my mamma stays with her family, my brother is in a liven relationship . So,they wanted me to strive out alone when i finished my school that is in 2005.It was hard, but they were happy.That counts for me.I never had a girlfriend, that does not mean, i haven’t tried.I did, and the first ? from her parents were ( what does your parents do).I told them the whole story.And after that evening,i stopped receiving calls!! from her side.I don’t know, what is love,relationship perhaps i know nothing about feelings.Because, when i try to burst out loud !! its only me who’l wipe my tears !! the toughest job in the world.Sometimes, i am too scared when the sky thunders,the earth shifts and I see myself standing alone on streets.Even my colleges keeps distance from me, even when they bully me as brstaad !! i don’t loose my cool !! my smile,rules out my emotions.I don’t want to end my life i want to see where my life leads me. I do believe in GOD.When i try to sleep everyday !! i just ask him (why did you send to earth) and (he just smile !! and say go to sleep its too late).When i see people, wearing good clothes, Children with their parents.I just wish to start my life all over again.So,i would have done something to save my family.

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