Happy Three Years to My Best Friend

Posted by on Jun 23, 2010 in Family | 7 comments

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few thousand of my favorite wedding memories:

I'm just a little excited about my wedding day.

Favorite moment

Matt's face when he first saw me!

True Love

Another favorite

Crazy siblings

Yes, we were all barefoot... but we had pretty toe rings!

Lord, keep us beneath your cross.

Finally Married!!!!!!!!!!

I love my daddy.

Time to leave,

and let the story begin.

Thanks, Matt, for three wonderful years. So grateful for the memories, and I can’t wait to see what God does in the future. I love you!!!

All photos taken by the amazing Ashah Wood.

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  1. I love you honey. Thank you for the years past and the years to come.

  2. First just let me say Your photos are BEAUTIFUL!
    okay, since we werent apart of the church at the time of your wedding whats the story behind being barefoot! Which I totally love that picture!!
    now let me ask you this is it weird I can pin point your foot, Michelles foot & Skys foot!! LOL!!

  3. Thanks, Tiffany!!

    The story behind barefeet? I’ve been in a lot of weddings, and i always hate standing for hours on heels, especially when trying to stay balanced on a tiny step. Plus, i hate shoes and go without them as much as possible, so that’s what i wanted!!

    And as for our feet… you cheated a little with mine. I mean, i am the only one in a white dress. :) otherwise, you must be peeking at people’s feet during prayer, huh?

    ha, ha!!!

  4. Well okay you are kinda right about the white..but there was another little girl with a white dress..seen her in another photo (white dress & teal tie/wrap). I must confess the no shoes was a totally cute concept!!
    And I COMPLETELY understand the shoe issue! I hate shoes to!! Hence the reason I am ALWAYS in flip flops!!

    As for peeking..MAYBE!! LOL
    really thou..One thing nobody really knows about is that when I lived in Florida I went to school to do nails!! Yep I can do Pedicures,manicures,fiberglass nails, Solar nails, ETC!! I always notice feet!! kinda weird

  5. Hee hee, I like Matt’s face! Thats priceless!

    Dude, your hair looks AMAZING! Fun pics and memories! Its just going to keep getting sweeter and sweeter! Yay for marriages centered on Christ!

  6. Ahh! This was such a fun day. Congrats you two. Thanks for being such a great example to all of us. I love y’all so much!


  7. one of my favorite days!!! Thanks for bringing back fun memories!!! :) you were such a beautiful bride!!! Love ya’ll!!!!

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