Just to Say ‘I love you’

Posted by on Jul 6, 2011 in Mommy Moment | 3 comments

Today I was sitting on the floor trying to organize some things from our bookshelf. Abigail toddled towards me to “help.” She started picking up random pieces of paper, looking at them, carrying them around the room, setting them down, then rearranging them again. I watched her for a moment, then went on with my own organizing.

A few moments later, Abigail came straight up to me, put her little arms around my neck, squeezed, then gave me a kiss. I said, “Ahh, I love you, Abigail Marie.” She gave me a toothy grin then toddled off to continue playing.

I smiled to myself. This little 18 month old only has a handful of words in her vocabulary. She can’t speak to tell me she loves me, yet she does with her physical gestures. It made me feel happy to have her hug and kiss me for no reason. I didn’t just hand her beloved blanket to her, nor did I give her a bowl of ice cream to devour. It wasn’t even bedtime! No, this little lady felt love towards her mommy and wanted to share it.

This small event made me think. When was the last time I ran to my Heavenly Father, just to tell Him I loved Him? When did I last spend time simply smiling and showing Him gratitude that wasn’t prior to a meal or before I brought out my lists of requests? I stopped right then and thanked God for just being my Father, for loving me, and for choosing me to be His. I told God that I loved Him.

Today, take time to say “I love you” to the Lord – just because.

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  1. precious~ thanks mon!

  2. How very true Monica. Thanks for sharing. We all need to be reminded of that daily.

    • Thanks, Nancy! Glad you were encouraged.

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