My Desire

“You should write a blog,” my sweet hubby told me… again.

At this point I was working full time as a teacher at a Christian school while adapting to my first year of marriage.

“I’d love to, honey, when I have time… someday,” I responded.

As  I continue to discover, life moves faster and faster the further along I travel. I must learn to make time for the priorities and goals I have! When my first daughter was born, and I was able to stay home, my husband again approached me with the idea of writing a blog. This time, I was up for the challenge!

But why add another blog to the endless lists of women bloggers out there doing the same thing? Do I think I am more knowledgeable, know Jesus better, have more delicious recipes or niftier tricks for cleaning? Do I do some spectacular child rearing with my kids or love my husband the most-est? (that word was for you, lovey) Absolutely not!

However, I am growing. I am learning. I am striving.

I enjoy writing, eating, cooking, cleaning, and love, love being a Christian, wife, and mommy.

As I press onward in this journey of life, my desire is to share with you the things God is teaching me. Whether I discover a better way to cook a chicken, clean a toilet, cuddle a kid, cure a cold, or claim contentment has yet to be determined. I do know, though, that God is working out my salvation within me. My desire is that as you watch and learn from my victories and mistakes, He’ll do the same for you.