Out with the Old… in with the new

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It’s January 4, 2011. Can you believe another year has dawned? I love the idea of new beginnings. When I think of a new year, I see a fresh, blank canvas, waiting for color, adventure, and memories to splash across its surface. Some things during this year will present themselves as fun and exciting, and I’m sure the tiresome and difficult will rear their ugly heads as well.

As I reflect on 2010,I am reminded that it was a year of change; a year of growth; a year of joy. Life happened and it happened fast.  During 2011, my desire is to be purposeful in all that I do. Life will continue to happen all around me. If I am not purposeful in all that I do, I will miss many areas of growth, learning, and memory-making over the next twelve months.

This week, I plan on sharing with you a few of the areas I’ve committed to be purposeful about. Hopefully, this will not only encourage you, but it will help to hold me accountable as well. To begin, I’d like to challenge you to reflect on your past year and look forward to your 2011. ¬†Matt and I took some time to fill out this reflection sheet last week along with this list of goal-setting questions for the new year. We spent a few hours together in great conversation New Year’s night discussing our responses and coming to a better understanding of where we as individuals, a couple, and a family seek to be in our lives one year from today. I highly recommend you try this either on your own or with your spouse.

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  1. yay mon!!! Thanks for posting this…Josh and I are excited about it. Also, love the new look up your site!!!

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