Serving a Pregnant Momma

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Wow. Just looking at this picture taken of me only six days before Abigail came into the world makes me feel tired and, well, just plan yucky!

Whether you have never had a baby or are on pregnancy number 9, I’m sure you can imagine (or know first hand!) the exhaustion that overwhelms a woman who is about to give birth. If you’re a friend, family member, or certainly a husband, you have a special opportunity to love on a pregnant lady!

When most women have a baby, eager family and friends try to come around the new momma and baby to help in any way they can. In a few weeks we’ll be looking at ways to serve a new mom, but today I’d like to encourage you to think about that pregnant momma and a few ways to serve her before the baby arrives.

Don’t think about yourself

Put yourself in her shoes. Don’t simply think about what would make you feel good. You may be a social butterfly that would love nothing more than a dozen people over to encourage you when you’re feeling super prego. Your friend, however, may feel a recharge when she’s by herself.

Ask her what she needs

Not sure what she wants? Ask her. You may be a fabulous chef, but maybe this lady simply needs someone to bend over her bath tub and clean it. You won’t know what will matter most if you don’t ask her what she needs! If she’s unclear, you can always ask her husband. He will probably have a list of ways that his wife could use some help!

Help her anyway

Maybe she’ll say she doesn’t need anything. Help her anyway. She may not realize what a blessing and load off of her mind it would be if a friend helped her organize her closet. Be that friend that just does something!

Pray for her

There is nothing better you can do. Spend time on your knees for this woman. Ask her for requests. Tell her your entreating God for her.

Watch her children

I had several people watch Abigail while I was pregnant with Aubrey. What a blessing! I was able to go to my doctor appointments, have a few dates with Matt, and spend some time at home cleaning, organizing, and SLEEPING thanks to these friends and family.

Cook her a meal

For me, those last few weeks of pregnancy are exhausting. With my first, I was working up until two weeks before her birth. With the second, I was worn out from chasing a fifteen month old! How sweet it was to have a hot meal to enjoy that I didn’t have to think about or cook.

Give her a gift card

Don’t have time to make a meal for someone? Buy them a gift card. Or, as my sister’s best friend, who lives out of state, did for her – order a pizza and have it delivered.

Clean her house

Make sure she’s ok with this, but show up at her place and dust those ceiling fans and hard to reach places. Clean her shower and tub. Help her organize or paint the baby room. This is especially important the closer to the due date she gets.

Get her a pedicure

I would post a picture of my swollen feet on here, but I wouldn’t want to gross anyone out! A little pampering can go a long way when a woman is feeling bloated and out-of-sorts. Go with her for some friend time, or watch her kids so she can have some relaxation. Throw in a Starbucks gift card, and she’ll have a great afternoon!

Call/Text her

Just to let her know you care and are praying for her. When she crosses your mind, let her know!

Write her a note

I LOVE to receive real mail. Writing letters is becoming a lost art. But it doesn’t have to with you! Encourage this lady with some kind words and encouraging Scripture.

Give her a back rub

Carrying a baby is NOT easy. Imagine strapping 20ish pounds to your midsection and walking around all day. Yep, she needs a back rub.

Tell her she’s pretty

What a seemingly small thing, but with a HUGE impact. When a woman is pregnant, her body is constantly changing without her control. She looks in the mirror and doesn’t recognize her body. How beautiful is a woman carrying a baby though! She is becoming a mommy! Tell her she’s gorgeous… and mean it! She needs and longs to hear that!

What other ways have you served a pregnant woman? What ways did someone serve you when you were expecting? Share them with us!


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  1. Love it!

  2. I would love to see a post on serving your sick children!!!!!!! And not losing your mind at the same time. ;)

    • ok, so apparantly I commented on the wrong post… you get what I meant.

      Oh, and I love these tips. All so true!

  3. LOL @ tell her she’s pretty. I think that’s my favorite one. I discovered this morning that my NECK is pregnant! LOL! LIke where did THAT come from? DAAAAH!

    • Sarah..You are too entire body is pregnant! LOL. Love it!! And yes, you are pretty, my dear. If I can look as half as good as you do at 9 mths prego, I’m doing really good. LOL. And Monica, you ALWAYS look good, especially prego.

  4. Amen!

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