The Little Family that Could ~ living like no one else now, in order to live like no one else later.

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Once upon a time there was a big strong man and a pretty little lady. They met over a warm cup of coffee and immediately fell in deep love. Music played, sunshine warmed, flowers blossomed, and birds sang. One warm summer day a few years later, this handsome man and his lovely bride made vows before God that they would live together in harmony forever. Violins played, people laughed and clapped, daisies flew, and happiness prevailed. The cheerful couple then moved into their first home.

What a darling dwelling it was! Just under 600 sq. feet, this adorable abode presented the perfect place to begin their little family. The handsome husband worked hard to finish school and find a job to use his incredible smarts. The winsome wife taught the next generation of Americans how to love God, delight in literature, and created beautiful essays. Whenever the husband and wife could be together, they loved to just gaze into each other’s eyes and dream about their future.

After a few years of this happy little family living their happy little life, God decided they needed another blessing. A BABY! Nine months after the hunk of a husband and his graceful bride found out about this blessing, a beloved little bundle of pink joy arrived in their home. Lullabies played, presents opened, little socks appeared, and giggles abounded. The wise husband and his capable wife decided the time had arrived to begin looking for a bigger place for their joyful little family to dwell. While they loved their tiny apartment and all its memories, they thought the baby might like to have her own room someday. Plus, they could live closer to the hard-working husband’s job so he could spend more time with his beautiful wife and their cute little baby.

So the house hunt began. The dashing husband and his two pretty girls found themselves looking at quite a range of houses. Some they hated; some they wanted; some they loved. Two homes caught the eyes of this little family, so they placed offers on each.

And they waited…

and waited…

and waited…

Prayers went to heaven constantly. This little family wanted to glorify God with the money He had entrusted to them.  So the happy little family prayed for patience, contentment, and God’s will.

The phone rang. The cute little family found out they didn’t get the house they had chosen. The music stopped, sadness welled up, the sun hid behind a cloud, and frowns appeared. This happy little family wasn’t feeling so happy anymore.

But wait! What a thought?! Maybe this was what God wanted for this joyful little family after all! YES! After this wise husband and his understanding wife discussed and prayed for the future, they decided that God would be most glorified if they waited one more year to buy a new home for their little family. They would pay off their school loan and car, save some more money, and then be able to buy an even better house and live with less financial pressure! The orchestra played, the sun broke through the clouds, anticipation arose, and pencils started flying.  This clever husband and his prudent wife created a new budget for their happy little family. They decided together that a little sacrifice now will allow them to live better in the future.

What fun this happy little family has now! They still live in their little apartment, but this sagacious husband and his shrewd wife are truly learning what contentment means. They have great merriment finding better ways to spend and save money. Delight still comes from sitting over a cup of coffee, gazing into each other’s eyes, and dreaming about the future. But, this happy little family has gratefulness for each day and the joys that come from it. And the music still plays, the sun still shines, and the laughter still abounds.

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  1. loved this Monica!! sooo cute…:) You should def. write books..;) I could see you reading this story to Abby one day!

  2. Welcome to OUR LIVES!!!! LOL! Yes, we too have been waiting on the Lord to provide a bigger, nicer home! We purchased a 20 yr old house…that is pretty well falling apart..and we are fixing it up as we go! Its an investment for sure! The notes are cheap and we paid 30k under what its worth! We keep being patient and know that one day we will be able to put money down on a beautiful home- that will be simple and modest! Its hard now to wait while everyone else seems to have it NOW that is our age…but like you said, you learn contentment in a way that no one else ever could! You also learn what our needs really are- and how much MORE thankful will we be to have a newer, bigger home when the Lord does provide?!

    Hee hee, remind me of this as we gut out our bathrooms next month! LOL! “It will all be worth it!!!”

  3. Monica I love reading your blogs. You are a gifted writer. I think you should send this to Dave Ramsey!!

  4. Thanks, Ladies! I had a lot of fun with this post!!

  5. What a gifted writer you are, Monica!!!!!
    I received much encouragement from your blog!!
    Love you, Aunt GLenda.

  6. We have learned this lesson as well and have learned the blessing in living within our means and trusting God for His perfect plan for our lives. I have to remind myself of this when I am wishing for a second car.


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