The Little Family that Could ~ Living Natural on a Budget

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Once upon a time there was a big strong man, a pretty lady, and a precious little girl. They loved life and enjoyed spending time together. This capable lady gained great satisfaction from cooking delicious food for her family. And the wonderful husband graciously ate all that she cooked. This wise husband and wife knew they needed to eat as healthy as possible for their family to thrive and become all that God wanted them to be.

Their food pasts were quite different. This crazy husband loved eating sugary cereal, twinkies, pizza rolls, and anything else that cooked in one and a half minutes in the microwave. In fact, when this husband was a boisterous teenager in high school, he would eat Funyuns dipped in ranch everyday for lunch! When this unhealthy young man met his future wife, she thought his eating habits were quite silly!

The wife, although certainly not as healthy as she could be, loved vegetables and fruit. She would eat a meal of just fresh veggies for fun. She also loved beans and rice and cooking most things from scratch. However, this snacking sister also loved all things sweet – ice cream, cookies, lemon bars, sugar soaked coffee, and brownies.

When this cute couple became a family, their food pasts blended themselves together into a cacophony of eating habits. While their fridge would be filled with fruit, veggies, and healthy choices, desserts would be made frequently to sit on the plate beside chicken nuggets and egg rolls. While this sweet little family did not eat nearly as horribly as they could, there was definitely room for improvement.

This inquisitive lady started looking for answers to her healthy eating questions. And, boy! Did she find those answers!! Thankfully, the encouraging husband stood beside her the whole way. This charming little family began a journey that would change everything about their life. What an adventure it became! Money was tight which meant options were limited, but creativity continued to conquer! This little family that could is learning to live naturally on a budget. Their goal is to live life to the fullest as they seek to please God with what He has given.

Stay tuned to watch and learn first hand how this little family that could is learning to live natural on a budget!

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  1. You sound like us!!!! HAHA….

  2. I hope you will find (as I have) that natural living often goes hand in hand with frugality…which is certainly an extra blessing. :)

  3. We enjoyed your story; it is so encouraging!! God’s blessings to your little family. We love you all – Memaw and Pepaw and Aunt Glenda

  4. We are on this same journey and while it has extended are budget a bit it has been worth is to know my family is being nourished with real foods and are healthier for it. Can’t wait to here ideas you have on this.

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