The Little Family that Could ~ Loving in Sickness & in Health

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You may have noticed that I slacked off posting here last week. Our family is going through some changes…

Once upon a time there lived a gallant young man and his graceful wife. They had a happy little life together in their little home. God blessed them with two precious girls. Life chugged along quite nicely.

During the entirety of this cute little family’s existence, however, a looming pest continued to rear its head. The handsome husband would have periods of time where he just, well, felt plain yucky. His tummy would hurt. He’d have nasty headaches. Tiredness would overwhelm him. This charming little couple didn’t know what was wrong!

Through all of the pain, the gracious husband remained a sturdy spouse and diligent daddy. Finally, when he could wonder no more, this brave husband visited the doctor for some answers.

A few long weeks later, after a smattering of tests, this courageous young man sat in the doctor’s office as he received the news that he had Crohn’s disease, and was both bleeding internally and anemic.

Fear at the unknown. Relief at having answers. Worry for the future. Trust in the One who heals. Uncertainty of it all.

Yes, the emotions and questions did roller coasters through the minds of the handsome husband and his pretty wife!  They learned that, although this disease is chronic and incurable, it can be managed. Now this studious husband and his curious wife have started searching for answers, searching for help, searching for the best possible ways to treat this sickness.

Scared? Yes. Yes, they’re scared.

But this faithful husband and his loving wife remain confident. They know that God is not frantically scratching His head wondering how this handsome husband became ill. No, He knew this day would arrive. He has plans for this little family to bring Him glory through this life-long trial.

Will the road hold rough patches? Most certainly.

But God will give strength.

When this striking husband and his beautiful bride stood at the alter before God on their wedding day, they vowed to stick together in sickness and in health. And that’s just what this little family will do – because God will give patience, wisdom, and the power to be the little family that could weather the storm by His grace alone.

Please be in prayer for our family as we begin this journey! I’ll be posting updates along the way.







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  1. What wonderful hope we have a Christians! To know that God is loving and gentle and merciful and in control at all times, in every situation, no matter what he trials he gives us. -what love.

    We love you guys so much and will keep you in our prayers continually. I look forward to hearing how God uses this horrible news to his glory and your joy.

    You are much loved!

  2. Praying. :,) <3

  3. I’m so thankful that you finally have some answers! And I’m hoping for a smoother path ahead, now that you know where it’s taking you. Sending hugs….

  4. love you all so much! Thank you for your Godly example to so many!

  5. Praying for y’all.

  6. your blog is sweet and i pray you all bask in the sufficient grace of God through this season of your lives together.

    • Thank you for the sweet comments, Chantel! Glad you found my blog.

  7. I heard about this through a couple mutual friends. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when I was 9, if y’all need help or advice through any of this, please don’t hesitate to ask! Really. Anything. Having it, I know every aspect it entails. I feel I’ve had the general run around since I have the most severe kind (fistulizing Crohn’s). I always tell people I’m glad I was diagnosed at a young age because I grew up learning how to deal with it. I feel horrible that you were thrown into this as an adult, it’s such a life altering thing. Many prayers your way.

    • Thank you, Amanda! We are definitely learning many new things on this journey. Right now, we’re just taking it one day at a time. We certainly appreciate your prayers, and if questions arise, I’ll let you know!

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