Uneclipsing the Son ~ Week 1

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 This month I’m reviewing the book Uneclipsing the Son by Rick Holland. Come back each week for a look at what God teaches me through this excellent read. During the last week of August I will be giving away a signed copy of the book! Stay tuned!!

 The Conclusion

Many Christians today do not feel close to God. They feel that they are simply a hamster running every day on the tiring “christian” wheel – attempting (and often feeling like a failure ) to read the Bible daily, spend adequate time in prayer, witness to others, be at church, read enough Christian books, etc., etc., etc.

“I came that they might have life, and have it abundantly,“  Jesus stated in John 10:10. The word abundantly means “exceptional.” Do you feel that you live the exceptional Christian life?

Rick Holland begins his book by sharing his purpose for writing. Rather than keep the reader guessing, he explains that the reason we are not living this type of life is not the Son’s fault, “but with us who have allowed Him to be… eclipsed.” We have allowed the busyness of Christian life to crowd out Jesus. He has become a part of our life and not the point of our life. 

Have you ever felt that your Christian life wasn’t what it could be? I know I have! The conclusion, the answer and cure, to this problem is JESUS!

I am confident that if you will focus the eyes of your faith on the value of the Savior, you will emerge from the doldrums of the eclipse and enjoy the glory of the Son. (pg. 12)

Amazing Love, How Can it Be?

When you begin to hear someone share a gospel centered message, talking about how Jesus died to save your from your sins, do you simply begin to think about something else, waiting to hear something “new”? GUILTY! I can’t remember the first time I heard that Jesus died for me. Yes, I’m thankful that the gospel was presented to me from birth, but how do I wish these truths, and this display of LOVE, gripped me each and every time I heard it.

Holland dissects Romans 5 to show the reader how great the gospel truly is! I challenge you to go pick up your Bible right now and read that chapter (or click here) . God doesn’t use words like helpless, ungodly, and sinner on accident. We MUST understand these words to truly allow the phrase Christ died for us to make us feel what we should.

Only when we understand how wicked we truly are – how desperate our condition is, how hopeless and helpless our plight – will we know to reach for the gospel remedy. We will never understand the greatness of the gospel if we do not pause to consider the greatness of the need it was designed to satisfy. (pg. 18-19)

We are sinners. We have done wrong (Rom. 3:23) All of our good deeds are like filthy, dirty, nasty rags to God (Is. 64:6). We don’t seek Him (Rom. 3:11). We can do no good thing. We are DEAD (Eph. 2:1).

But God LOVED us. He sent His Son for US – for ME – for YOU – while we were SINNERS, while we were running from God, while we were His ENEMIES. He still chose to save us!

THIS is amazing love!

THIS love should make us EXCITED!!!

Can you see through your circumstances to exult in Jesus? Do you have a faith that longs for sight? Has the gospel make you tremble lately? Has it made you weep for joy? Has it settled you with a deep and satisfying peace? Can you say with unabashed happiness, “It’s good not to be in trouble with God”? (pg. 27)

Take a moment today to REJOICE in the Gospel that saves and ask God to continue to give you an excitement for Him!

If you’re interested in hearing Dr. Holland preach an excellent message over Romans 5, click here and scroll down to the date 1/22/11 and listen to Session 2, “What’s so Great About the Gospel.”

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