Uneclipsing the Son ~ Week 3

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 This month I’m reviewing the book Uneclipsing the Son by Rick Holland. Come back each week for a look at what God teaches me through this excellent read. During the first week of September I will be giving away a signed copy of the book! Stay tuned!!

For the week one’s review of the first two chapters, click here. For last weeks review of chapter 3-5, click here.

Last week we learned that Jesus Christ the Son IS eternal life, IS our mediator, and IS the way to KNOW God. This week we will see how this practically looks in our personal life

The Word and Words

Have you ever wanted God to show Himself to you the way those in the Old Testament saw Him? You know, pillars of clouds? Parting seas? Hearing God’s voice? Even though Moses lived during this time of amazing miracles, he still longed (and asked!) to see God’s glory. God responded to this request by saying, “I will proclaim before you my name ‘The Lord’.” Ex. 33:19 Later, in First Samuel God chooses to speak to Samuel repeatedly in order to teach this young man about His God.

God wants, longs, and desires for us to know Him. He chose to reveal Himself to us by Communicating to us with the Word. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1 This Word is Jesus! “In these last days He has spoken to us by His Son.” Hebrews 1:2. Interestingly, the Greek phrase at the end of this verse actually says ‘spoken to us in Son.God’s language is Jesus.

Do you speak Son? The incarnation is God’s best, clearest, most perfect language. Have you, singly and totally, comprehensively and exclusively, received that Communication? Have you, like Moses, and Samuel, ceased pursuing some fleeting experience and instead begun to build you life upon His revelation. pg. 74

God also chose to give us the Word in a book. We can use our imaginations to explore the Scriptures and feel like we are in the story. To understand and see Jesus in the pages of the Bible, we need to first, know the Savior. Only the Holy Spirit can teach us the Scripture. We also need to meditate on this Word. As we read a few verses, we should stop and ponder the story or truth. What would it be like to sit listening to Jesus preach His famous Sermon on the Mount? How would it feel to sit on the ark for several months straight?

Once we meditate on these scriptures, we must learn and apply God’s way in order to see the Son. Because knowing the Bible is knowing Jesus! And one glorious day, we will see the Word face to face!

Are you willing to look for Jesus in the Scriptures? Because he’s willing to be found there. You will only make the effort to uneclipse Jesus if you are convinced that the Son behind the eclispse is worth the effort. And friends, only the Bible will convince you of that. pg. 80

Satan’s Associates

Unfortunately, just reading the Bible isn’t enough. Things get in the way. And by “things”, I mean ourselves….and our sin.  Do you ever feel frustrated that you cannot see the Son as you want? That is a good sign! You are ready to fight this battle against your own flesh and sin.

One step we must do to fight our sin is to recognize where we are weak. I have numerous sins that I struggle with, but one in particular is pride in thinking I need to control situations that God has given others jurisdiction over. You may not struggle with this, but with something that I have no problem with. The point? Know where you’re weak so that you can be on guard against Satan’s attacks in that area.

While Satan can tempt us, the real temptations come from within our own soul.

This eclipse that’s blocking the Son comes from within you. Satan knows what your temptations are. These associates in your heart make you inclined to certain sins, and just understanding these entrenched realities is tremendously important if you move toward the perfect light of the Son. pg. 87

It’s often hard for those in our society (maybe even for you) to not blame others for your problems. Your problem, my problem, is sin. God killed His Son for how bad YOU are.

“Anything you indulge in that contradicts the obedient worship of Christ is a wrongful worship. You’ve made yourself an idol, a substitute that shades you from Christ’s glory.” pg. 88

How do we stop sinning? 


Think about Him. Learn about Him. Spend time with Him. Worship Him.

Yes, it’s that simple. We have to make Jesus more beautiful, satisfying, and precious that what’s between us and Him. Then we can sing along with the old hymn, “My Jesus I love Thee. I know Thou art mine, for Thee all the follies of sin I resign.”


Jesus, Married?

Despite the myths that Jesus had relations with earthly women, we know from Scripture that He never had a girlfriend, wife, or mistress. However, Jesus does have a bride in those who are saved – the Church. Unfortunately, the Church as a whole has forgotten that we exist for the Son, not for ourselves. Church isn’t solely about me, community, and how to deal with others and the world. No, we exist to give glory to the Father! “Perhaps many who are discontent with the church simply haven’t found contentment in Jesus.” (pg. 99)

First, understand that as a Christian you need to be in church. You need help from friends who are also focusing on our Lord. Second, remember that the church belongs to Jesus. The first time the church is mentioned in Scripture is in Matthew 16:18 where Jesus states, “I will build My church.” This is also the same passage that affirms Christ as the Messiah. He has saved us. We are His. Third, Christ builds the Church for Himself. We grow, learn, worship, reach out, etc. for HIM!  Fourth, we attend Church to learn. “Until I come, give attention to the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation and teaching.” 1 Timothy 4:13. Fifth, we can worship Jesus by serving and caring for others. “Caring is essential to worship; worship always involves caring.” pg. 108

We should minister to other’s within the church (love, serve, bear burdens, etc. ‘one to another’). But, “if we are not filled with His Spirit and worshiping Him through His Word, the ‘one anothers’ are fruitless.” (pg. 105) In regards to non-Christians, we must remember that the Church is not designed for them. Of course, we should rejoice when unbelievers come to know Jesus in Church, but the primary purpose of the Church is for believers to be equipped to go into the world and preach the gospel. 

The goal of gathering is to come to maturity in Christ. The goal of our relationships is to encourage and spur one another on to maturity in Christ. The church exists for Jesus, for maturity in Jesus, for knowledge in Jesus, for growth in Jesus, growth to Jesus. pg. 103


Thanks for reading this lengthy post. Stay tuned next week for the last installment of this series, as well as an opportunity to win the book to read for yourself!


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