What is Love?

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 February – the love month.

Some hate it. Some relish in it.

Regardless of your thoughts on “the romance month,” love remains one – if not the - most sought after feelings and largest motivations for life.

But, what is love?

I mean, I love my husband. I love cheese. I love my brother. I love my church. I love listening to the rain. I love ice cream. I love my daughters. I love chatting with a friend over coffee. I love God. But certainly, I don’t love cheese the same way I love God or the same way I love my husband. As English speakers, we throw the word “love” around like it’s meaningless.

So, what IS love?

I’ll be exploring this topic over the next few days. (Perhaps even diving into my love for cheese??)

To begin, however, there is no better place than God’s perfect words in 1 Corinthians 13. Below you will see verses 4-8a. Following each description you will see a list of synonyms for each word. Read them slowly – and search your heart. How does your “love meter” look today?

4. Love is Patient – (calm, enduring, even tempered, forgiving, gentle, persevering, quiet, uncomplaining, understanding)

Love is Kind (benevolent, compassionate, considerate, friendly, gentle, goodhearted, 

gracious, neighborly, sympathetic, thoughtful)

It does not Envy (begrudge, crave, itch for, long for, lust after, spoil for, want, yearn for)

 It does not Boast (blow one’s own horn, exult, gloat, pat oneself on the back, puff, shuck, swagger)

It is not Proud (bragging, conceited, flamboyant, haughty, imposing, inflated, overblown, pompous, presumptuous)


5. It does not Dishonor others (belittle, debase, demean, diminish, humiliate, lower, mortify, shame)

It is not Self-seeking (egotistical, greedy, hoggish, mean, self-centered, self-indulgent, stingy, ungenerous,wrapped up in oneself)

It is not easily Angered (aggravated, annoyed, to blow up, enraged, exasperated, fret, get on one’s nerves, irritated, offended)

It keeps no record of Wrongs (errors, mistakes, trespasses, unfairness)


6. Love does not delight in Evil (abomination, brutality, crime, horror, inhumanity, iniquity, offense, sin, viciousness, wrong)

But rejoices in the Truth (authentic, genuine, honest, just, pure, right, valid)


7. It always Protects (care for, defend, give sanctuary, harbor, insulate, safeguard, secure, shelter, watch over)

Always Trusts (affirm, approve, believe, give favor, place confidence in)

Always Hopes (accepts, gives assurance and constancy, dependence, faithfulness, loyalty, reliance, surety)

 Always Perseveres (be determined, be resolved, continue, endure, hold fast, persist, pursue, stand firm)


8. Love never Fails (abort, backslide, be defeated, be in vain, come to nothing, decline, deteriorate, fizzle)

May we seek to apply perfect love in our lives starting today!



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