What I’ve Been Doing…

Posted by on Sep 28, 2011 in Mommy Moment | 2 comments

The past week I’ve been extra busy doing all kinds of things including (but not limited to)….

Blowing bubbles,

Reading books,


“Cooking” on the living room floor,

Reading more books,

Discovering ants,

Licking beaters,



Splashing in the tub,

Lining up rocks,

Finding a new baby cow,

Reading the same book again,

Eating cookies right before dinner in the secret spot in the corner (just once!)

Watching a movie in the middle of the night,

Pushing a laughing girl around the house in an empty laundry basket,

Dressing up,

Playing in the clean sheets,

Putting as many bows on the head as possible,

Singing really loud,

Pulling stickers out of feet (because who wants to wear shoes outside?),


Giving kisses,

& hugs,

& more kisses,


and Reading just one more book.

What have you been doing? Get off the internet and play with your kids.

Or call them just to say “hi.”

Or call your parents.

Or run outside barefoot.

Or sing in the shower.

Just for fun!

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  1. Well, at least you didn’t get your hair rolled up and twisted in a curling iron and not able to get it out :) But it does sound like you are definitely having fun! We miss you!

  2. love love love this mon! :)

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