World Breastfeeding Week ~ Why you should

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This week (August 1-7) is world breastfeeding week.  I thought I’d cover a little information on breastfeeding before I tell you how we’ve started to wean Abigail.

Nursing your baby has numerous benefits:


A mother’s milk is designed perfectly by God for her child. As the baby grows and their caloric and health needs change, so does the mother’s milk. The antibodies in the mother transfer to the child though the milk, making the baby much healthier, especially during the first few months of life. In fact, did you know that if your baby is sick, the mother’s body will sense the germs from the baby’s mouth, then change the milk to combat the infection/sickness?


I’ve told you a little about the “natural” kick I’ve recently been getting into. What could be more natural than using the milk God provided for your precious little one? I know that formula tries to be as close as possible to the real thing, but it still misses the mark.


The relationship that forms through breastfeeding is so precious. Now, I don’t mean to imply that mothers who don’t nurse aren’t able to bond with their child, but I will say that there is something special that both mom and baby feel when the baby is actually sucking from the mom’s skin!


Nursing is so simple! Especially when you get on a schedule, you know when to feed your baby. There is no hassle with bottles, mixing, washing, stirring, etc. It’s just you, your baby, and maybe a blanket.


This is pretty self explanatory. But the hundreds and hundreds of dollars one may spend on infant formula could be saved simply by using the deliciousness God gives the baby for free!

It’s not all fun and games when nursing though….

I thought when I had Abigail that nursing would be one of the easiest things to adapt to. I mean, it’s eating. You put the baby on and they suck. I’d seen countless moms do it hundreds of times. I’d watched my mom feed all of my four siblings. But, it was more difficult than I had imagined.

Abigail had problems latching on. It took my milk nearly six days to come in. The doctor wanted me to substitute formula. I’ve had mastitis three times. Abby had reflux which made nursing difficult. A few times I saw my milk supply begin to diminish.

BUT, through Matt’s encouragement and our persistence, no other liquid has touched her lips. She is a healthy, strong, growing baby. I’ve dealt with mastitis and know how to catch it’s early warning signs. And today, at seven months of age, Abigail still gets all of her nutrition from my milk. Thank you, Lord!

I realize that some of you may have been unable to produce milk for your child. Don’t lose heart! Try again for the next one. If you are expecting a baby, research, research, research. Find a lactation consultant near you. Talk with other moms around you who nurse. Make the decision to nurse for your baby’s health. Remember, if you are only able to nurse for a few weeks or a few months, every ounce counts!

Stay tuned for more posts this week on breastfeeding. Please let me know if you have questions too!

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